FCMF  Band Competition - Portrait Social

First City Band Competition at the Knox County Watermelon Festival

Friday August 7 2020 5-9PM

Two winners will be chosen: 1) Best Band 2) Voters Choice.

Best band will be chosen by a panel of celebrity judges. We're looking for quality musicianship as well as the best overall vibe.

Voter’s choice will be chosen by the crowd via voting ticket purchases. Each voting ticket will cost $1. Each vote will require a ticket to be purchased and placed in the appropriate band jar and the band with most raffle tickets in their jar wins.

ONLY 8 BANDS WILL BE CHOSEN TO COMPETE! 15-20 minute sets depending on setup time. Backline will be provided (no exceptions) and NO FULL DRUM SETS WILL BE ALLOWED. 

Each winning band will receive:

  • 4 free tickets to the festival to give out as they see fit (fans, charity, and especially parents). This will be on top of their own VIP admission as festival artists - welcome to the family

  • A time slot on the main stage at First City Music Festival 2020! Each band will be paid $300 for their performance at First City Music festival.​

Band submission is not guarantee of participation. Bands must:

  • Send entry to firstcitymusicfestival@gmail. There is a button to e-mail us below

  • Send $20 entry fee to First City Music Festival (FCMF) Paypal account. There is also a button set up for your $20 entry fee below... fancy fest

  • Include video and/or audio of proposed artist/band

  • Provide contact information including band website, social media links

  • PLAY ROOTS MUSIC. Loosely defined as bluegrass, folk, blues, singer/songwriter, jazz, country

  • Be willing and available to perform at First City Music Festival 2020 on agreed date – Thursday or Friday (10/1-10/2), TBD.

  • Agree to allow FCMF full rights to audio/video and promotional materials involved with band competition and music festival

  • Be cool to deal with. This is non-negotiable. We're building a tribe here


Questions can be sent to firstcitymusicfestival@gmail.com