Festival Information

Be In-The-Know


Where do I pick up my tickets?

Tickets can be purchased online; available in Home section of this website.

Tickets available for purchase at the front gate all weekend.

Take the access road off Willow St. across from 4th St. If you are traveling north on Willow St. you will take a left onto the gravel access Rd. Signs and volunteers will be posted to assist.

$80 weekend pass

Camping is a separate fee ($20 per tent site, $30 per RV site)

Who is throwing this shindig?

First City Music Festival Inc was started by a group of friends and family that are dedicated to bringing music, arts, and culture to our community. Beginning with a partnership with the Spirit of Vincennes Inc., this 501c3 is working to promote tourism in the Wabash Valley and utilizes any excess funds to provide scholarship opportunities for area youth. This 100% volunteer ran organization believes in the power of music and art to bring people together and to help build a long-lasting quality of life within our community.


Where can I stay during the festival?


Camping cost is NOT included in ticket purchase.  Camping cost is per campsite:  one tent is $20 and one RV is $30. 

All campsites are given first come first serve basis.

Gates open to camping attendees (RV & tent) at 12 pm on Thursday September 29.  Only tents & RVs are permitted to stay on grounds throughout festival. All tent campers must remove their vehicles from the grounds at 10am Friday.

Tent campers who arrive after 10am on Friday will carry their camping gear onto the grounds from their parking spot, or use our sweet, free shuttle service.

All campers (RV & tent) must enter the grounds by taking the access road off Willow St. across from 4th St. If you are traveling north on Willow St. you will take a left onto the gravel access Rd. Signs and volunteers will be posted to assist.

All campsites (RV included) are primitive: NO water or electric hookups.

Wash stations will be available.

Campfires are allowed. Please replace sod and cover fire pit before exiting the grounds.

All campers must vacate the grounds no later than 12 pm on Monday, Oct 3. 




Courtyard by Marriott on Willow is closest. Tell them you're here for First City Music Festival to receive a discount.

Holiday Inn, Hampton Inn, etc.  available.

What should I bring into the festival?

Seats: chairs, hammocks, blankets, your fancy. Feel free to leave your seat out all weekend; we will all respect each other's property and love our neighbors as ourselves. We'll also be gentle & brave to share if someone wants to use our seats while we're gone - just ask kindly for it upon return, they'll respectfully get up and say thanks for sharing!

Blankets - it's October.  It will be chilly (hopefully!)

Lights to walk with at night - the moon will be waning, so expect it to be dark.  Hope for clear skies to star-gaze.

Dancing shoes that work for you.

Cash for convenient vending - there will be an ATM on the grounds.

Friends & Family - really, buy them tickets or ask them to buy you tickets... early/late birthday present!

Your kind smile & big love.

It's about enjoying the fellowship that music can bring so let us celebrate living together!

What are festival grounds like?

Spacious, grassy space.  Lots of trees.  Plenty of space for campers to spread out and/or group up for some community camping fun.  Space for fires.  Cool, old wooden open-air structures are vendor spaces, used by artists of all materials & mediums throughout the weekend, including food and drink!

Lots of picnic tables.

Watering stations free dispersed throughout and ice available.

A short walk to the Wabash River, scenic and historically majestic stands a national monument from the Revolutionary War.  Short = ~5 minutes!  There is also a river walk that intersects Main St, downtown Vincennes.

Also a short walk is downtown Vincennes: coffee shop, local (yummy) eateries & drinkeries, botiques, antiques, and more.

Where can I park?

There will be signs directing you to parking lot adjacent to the festival grounds.
Parking is $5 per vehicle. 
Shuttles between parking and grounds will be provided for you and your stuff.  It is a short walk for those that prefer to hoof it.
Street parking is available in nearby residential hood if you want to keep that $5.

If you still have questions, please get in touch - firstcitymusicfestival@gmail.com